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About Agile Solutions LLC

Executing big ideas through elegant solutions.

I have always been attracted to big and difficult problems. From my early years in Semiconductor research and development to my current passion of developing great customer solutions through software development. I imagine each challenge as a chance to improve and simplify the basics, discover and nurture new ideas, and build solutions that change organizations. I believe at the core of every success is the ability to create teams that are engaged, excited, and empowered. Much of my focus in the last five years has been on changing and growing organizational culture and transforming companies.

I have always been attracted to the Elegant Solution. Refinement and simplicity over fussiness, or ostentation. An elegant solution, one in which the maximum desired effect is achieved with the smallest or simplest effort. This requires the type of vision that allows the mind to hold both the big idea and the little details in the same space with equal importance. That is how I approach every project I accept and the level of quality you can expect from me.

My current passions have been working with and developing high functioning Agile teams, training and coaching other leaders on how to apply Agile Development to their projects, and creating Agile cultures within organizations. I work with teams in the United States and Internationally with equal fluidity. I love working in new countries and discovering new cultures. I am also an avid gardener and like spending time creating beauty in little spaces. They say that gardeners are the most optimistic people in the world; and that is certainly true for me. 

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Maureen Durning​

Strengthening Families training and consultation at Butterfly TTT

Kevin guided our agency through a dynamic and creative process mapping session that resulted in multiple cost, time and energy saving ideas.

Tracy Burke

Tengram Capital Partners, LLC

Kevin has been a pleasure to work with. Assisted in helping me to determine the best options for our company and was extremely patient through the whole process. He is a huge asset to his company and a great representative of the business.